Selection, Hiring, Promotion and Development

Our work with clients has led us to develop a proprietary, multi-level selection system which removes much of the subjectivity and personal bias normally present in the hiring process.

The Peirce Group selection system, when combined with the expertise of our senior- level consultants, and the unique focus that our Character Foundations Assessment™ places on personal character and values, guarantees that you now have the opportunity to implement a selection, hiring, promotion and development program that will be unmatched for accuracy in the industry.

Our Process

Every successful hire depends upon understanding the job, the applicant, and the degree of fit to the role.

Peirce Group utilizes a rigorous process of competency-based job and candidate matching, and values-based on-line assessment, to ensure that only the highest quality candidates with the best "job fit" are moved forward through selection identification to the interview phase. We are totally committed to the belief that every successful hire is dependent upon a clear understanding of the job, of the applicant, and of the degree of fit to the role. The more rigorously this process is handled, the more successful the hire is likely to be.

We work in partnership with our clients at all job levels, from Customer Service to Board-level roles, to review:

  • the functional requirements of each role
  • the key tasks and technical knowledge required
  • the critical success factors and the performance criteria that will be used
  • the detail and depth of the job description for the role
  • the influence upon the candidate of the work environment, the management, the reporting structure, the company culture and its marketplace status.

On the "people" side of the equation, we need to know about the results of reference checking for all finalist candidates, their work experience, core skills and technical knowledge, and the detailed personal findings provided by our Character Foundations Assessment™. This unique tool, an integral part of our recommended selection process, provides a complete review of the personal values, character strengths, development needs, potential work-style and the degree of "fit" of the candidate to the role.

In total, our rigorous review model ensures that our clients select and hire top talent the first time around.

We recommend people who do not just fill a role, but are highly-engaged and can take full responsibility for everything they do.

We recommend people who can work effectively, side-by-side with others, to achieve results and to help build a positive, mutually-challenging work environment.

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