What We Do

The Peirce Group is a fast-growing network of Associates in major US cities and key International markets who develop, direct and deliver our practice services in:

  • Selection and Hiring
  • Assessment of Individuals and Teams
  • Promotion of Key Employees
  • Leadership Development and Personal Coaching
  • Career Guidance, Assessment, and Coaching
  • Team Analysis and Team Development
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Board Assessment

A major component of our work is the use of our proprietary Character Foundations Assessment™, validated to measure the critical personal virtues and character strengths that individuals need to succeed in both the work environment and in their personal lives.

Because of our differing backgrounds and life situations, we all have virtues in which we are strong, and others that need development. Identification of these issues, along with an Individual Development Plan, and the training and coaching often needed to improve personal and team dynamics can help anyone improve their performance as a valued individual contributor, team member, manager, or leader.

Contact us today, to learn more about our unique character and virtues-based approach to assessment and development.